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SEO Content Writing for Expatica

With nearly eight years of living in France under my belt, I began working as a freelance SEO content writer for in late 2021. I’m enjoying using my skills and my personal experience to help others immigrating to France.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be publishing several more articles, but you can already read my guides to Finding a Doctor in France,Driving in FranceThe Best Places to Live in France, and Becoming a Freelancer in France.


SEO writing in English
Research for content writing
Using WordPress & Yoast
Example of SEO content writing about finding a Doctor in France
Article commissioned about driving in France
Freelance rédaction web en anglais / Freelance native-English web content writing, Best Places to Live in France

"Alesa joined Urbansider at the very beginning of the project and immediately made her mark: a true talent for words and web writing, a thorough understanding of editorial issues, and a great rigor in her work. She now orchestrates all components of content mangement on the platform - writing and publishing of articles, coordinating the community of contributors, editorial planning - with a high level of professionalism. I am infinitely grateful to her for everything that she has brought to Urbansider."

 Guillaume Labendzki, fondateur Urbansider

"I am quite taken by the copy, thank you for the good work. It feels so great to be in good hands, to have someone get what's in your brain and put it in words beautifully; I am very grateful."

– Géraldine Zanaska, Founder Compass Music & Lighthouse

"We needed a brand new website to better promote our rock band. Alesa knew how to quickly optimize the presentation of our site by giving a professional look all while staying faithfaul to the identity of our project."

– (translated from French) Matt Brauns, lead singer of the band Seven Ages