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Artist Website for Band Seven Ages

To coincide with the release of their new EP, I created a new website for Paris rock band Seven Ages.

I adapted the look of the website to fit the visual identity of the band and created a custom ‘Gigs’ events page displaying the posters for each concert as well as the practical information.

The site also features a newsletter sign up form so fans can keep up on the latest news from the band. Plus, the backend of the site is easy enough for the band to update info on their own.


Bilingual website in both French & English

Customized concerts page featuring posters from past shows

Responsive WordPress website using customized premium theme
Embedded video & newsletter sign up form


"I am quite taken by the copy, thank you for the good work. It feels so great to be in good hands, to have someone get what's in your brain and put it in words beautifully; I am very grateful."

– Géraldine Zanaska, Founder Compass Music & Lighthouse